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Happy 2014!

So I guess I got caught up with browsing pinterest work activities that I never finished posting about Africa. And I have made at least a dozen new meals that have never been shared with my mom the world wide … Continue reading

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First day of school

It’s the first day of preschool. I walk into the room, baby bath toys under my arm, ready to teach the shining new students an important lesson: body parts. We are more than just a sum of our parts, true, … Continue reading

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We are all friends at school

Being a speech therapist has made me incredibly aware of the words I choose to use. Instead of telling children what not to do, for example, I always phrase my statements toward what they should be doing. “Keep your shoes … Continue reading

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On Wonder

Working in an elementary school can make you nostalgic. Inconsistently, of course, since children seem equally to try ones nerves and tug the heartstrings, often at the same time. Last week was Halloween. The students are no longer allowed to … Continue reading

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My preschoolers learn about “family”

My preschoolers are learning about “family.” So we get out the little dolls to teach Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Baby, Grandma, Grandpa. That part is simple enough. Every child seems to know Mommy. We read a book called “I love … Continue reading

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