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Happy 2014!

So I guess I got caught up with browsing pinterest work activities that I never finished posting about Africa. And I have made at least a dozen new meals that have never been shared with my mom the world wide … Continue reading

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We Live in a Spiritual World

On the radio this morning, they asked the question, “do children really have a sixth sense?” They invited listeners to call in with stories of whether or not their children saw ghosts. Some of the stories were easily explained and … Continue reading

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Our future selves

We only get to see each other a few times a year. We are used to it now, having built a long distance friendship ever since she left for college. I was 17, she was 18. We talk on the … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Related to what I was pondering yesterday, but shaped by the activities of today, I write. Part of my job is to have my students tell stories and to analyze how they communicate their thoughts/ideas. I also assess how well … Continue reading

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My preschoolers learn about “family”

My preschoolers are learning about “family.” So we get out the little dolls to teach Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Baby, Grandma, Grandpa. That part is simple enough. Every child seems to know Mommy. We read a book called “I love … Continue reading

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Falling Apart

I walked into a fourth grade classroom to pull out a student. The classroom was in mild disarray. From the look and sound of things, very little work was getting done. One familiar student, Dana, sat holding ice up to … Continue reading

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