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House of Nanking – San Francisco, CA

The nose goes. My husband and I just spent a wonderful weekend in San Francisco. We decided the theme of the weekend should be “nose goes,” meaning that we would stop and taste wherever smelled amazing. Or where had been … Continue reading

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Crab Hut, San Diego, CA

We walked into the restaurant, butter and cajun seasoning immediately assaulting our senses. “Your table will be ready in 15 minutes,” the hostess informed us, “but you can wait at the bar if you wish.” We looked up and saw … Continue reading

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One of those

My students make my day, almost every day. Last week, I worked on telling stories with a few of the kids. As an example, I told the story of my husband and I going on vacation. I began the story … Continue reading

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Girls weekend

There’s something magically awesome about a girls weekend. 2 days in a cabin at Lake Arrowhead. Eight girls, seven bottles of wine, twelve avocados, and 24 bananas. Not to mention at least two pounds of cheese. I’m positive there was … Continue reading

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Everyone who hails from Southern California (or any place between the 36 degree latitude lines) can relate to this post. Other regions mock us with the statement, “You don’t have seasons.” When I hear the disdain in their voices, I … Continue reading

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Local (and personal) highlight: Laguna Beach, CA

 I can’t believe I live here. Well, close anyway. I love (more like LOOOVE) to travel, but it’s hard to deny that home is a beautiful place. So let me elaborate a bit about a local personal favorite: Laguna Beach. … Continue reading

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