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Whenever I’m alone with you

Hey you. Still there? I’m sorry I’ve ignored you. It wasn’t intentional. You see, living life, and writing about living life, will always be at odds with one another. I hope you understand, keeper of my thoughts. I make few … Continue reading

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Color palette: yellow and grey

I have been perusing blogs, posts, and pins for a while. I thought maybe it was a secret, but I’m going to let the cat outta the bag: yellow and grey are in. In like flynn, whatever that means. And … Continue reading

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Magnetic measuring cups

I have recently become obsessed with magnetic kitchen accessories. What is better than having your measuring cups/spoons nest comfortably one inside the other, without having that silly ring getting in the way, or having to wash all the measuring spoons … Continue reading

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Scary costumes that need to go – Part 2

I have another category of costumes that truly scare me: Spandex-pants Mom. She typically comes with a crying child and a cart full of groceries. I feel a little bit sorry for spandex-pants mom. Maybe she looked like Katy Perry … Continue reading

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