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First words

He wanted to say something. He was staring at me with those big, grey eyes, blinking like a baby kitten. He had even made noises like one, a mewing sound I’ve heard before from voiceless young children. His mother told … Continue reading

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House of Nanking – San Francisco, CA

The nose goes. My husband and I just spent a wonderful weekend in San Francisco. We decided the theme of the weekend should be “nose goes,” meaning that we would stop and taste wherever smelled amazing. Or where had been … Continue reading

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We Live in a Spiritual World

On the radio this morning, they asked the question, “do children really have a sixth sense?” They invited listeners to call in with stories of whether or not their children saw ghosts. Some of the stories were easily explained and … Continue reading

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Our future selves

We only get to see each other a few times a year. We are used to it now, having built a long distance friendship ever since she left for college. I was 17, she was 18. We talk on the … Continue reading

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Validate with a response

Ok, here goes… I have opinions. This is probably no shocker to you if you know me and/or read my writing. One of my favorite pastimes is to learn about new things and form opinions on them. I’m not saying … Continue reading

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September 11th, part 2 – remember

Every year, I am surprised by how long it’s been since the attack on the World Trade Center. I was in eleventh grade; old enough to remember and to debate world issues concerning the attack. Distant enough to feel only … Continue reading

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travelin’ Tuesday: driving trips

We’re back! After a two week hiatus. My husband and I… it was our first. We took a little “couples’ trip.” We often stay with friends when traveling. But this was our first time traveling with friends. Ourselves and one … Continue reading

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