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Crab Hut, San Diego, CA

We walked into the restaurant, butter and cajun seasoning immediately assaulting our senses. “Your table will be ready in 15 minutes,” the hostess informed us, “but you can wait at the bar if you wish.” We looked up and saw … Continue reading

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In general, children – particularly the things they say – are some of my favorite things. I love watching them think about an idea for the very first time, then come up with something to say about it. It’s like … Continue reading

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Tut tut! Looks like rain

“‘What day is it?’” Pooh asked. “‘It’s Today!’ Squealed Piglet. ‘My favorite day,’ Replied Pooh.” And so it feels today. It is cloudy. The sky looks like a sheer lampshade covering a very bright light. Not dark, stormy, and thunderous, … Continue reading

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Being a bride-to-be has stolen my brain

Hello world. Those of you who have gotten married have experienced this very thing. Being a bride-to-be steals your brain. You start to think about intelligent things like your work or ethics or who to vote for, but you end … Continue reading

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Shout out: Picnik!

I LOVE PICNIK! My sister recently introduced me to a website that practically changed my life. It may change yours as well. It is called picnik. This website is free, and offers you all of the cool effects you see … Continue reading

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When you travel, you hear this phrase thrown about often: “I’m an ex-pat.” I started wondering, what does that mean? Who is an expatriate? What is the difference between being an ex-pat and being an immigrant? So I went to trusty wikipedia … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Markets

There is little sweeter that the simple pleasure of a farmer’s market. Here, the people gather. Here you may taste what you like, smell the aromas, caress the visual textures. It is like a vacation for the senses. My roommate … Continue reading

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