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I am a simply a girl with a head full of ideas. I love reading blogs. I love traveling. Cooking. The beach. Stuff Kids say. Speech Therapy. Running. Yoga. God. DIY Projects. Painting. Books, especially children's books. You will find all of this and more on my blog. I hope to write every week, at least September-May. I welcome your feedback. Thanks for reading!

First words

He wanted to say something. He was staring at me with those big, grey eyes, blinking like a baby kitten. He had even made noises like one, a mewing sound I’ve heard before from voiceless young children. His mother told … Continue reading

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Time for some recipes. No-brainer cooking 4.06.14

So… I realized that I have quite a bit to post about (as usual), but I thought I’d start with some recipes. Because I cook every week, and when I don’t post to you about them, I not only fall … Continue reading

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A whole year

Wow. It’s been a whole year since I last posted. It is likely that I am now truly writing into a void. But, I feel that it’s never too late to return or start over. So here and now, today, … Continue reading

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House of Nanking – San Francisco, CA

The nose goes. My husband and I just spent a wonderful weekend in San Francisco. We decided the theme of the weekend should be “nose goes,” meaning that we would stop and taste wherever smelled amazing. Or where had been … Continue reading

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Crab Hut, San Diego, CA

We walked into the restaurant, butter and cajun seasoning immediately assaulting our senses. “Your table will be ready in 15 minutes,” the hostess informed us, “but you can wait at the bar if you wish.” We looked up and saw … Continue reading

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Happy 2014!

So I guess I got caught up with browsing pinterest work activities that I never finished posting about Africa. And I have made at least a dozen new meals that have never been shared with my mom the world wide … Continue reading

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We Live in a Spiritual World

On the radio this morning, they asked the question, “do children really have a sixth sense?” They invited listeners to call in with stories of whether or not their children saw ghosts. Some of the stories were easily explained and … Continue reading

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