Travelin’ Tuesday: step outside your front door

If you read this blog at all consistently, you will understand something of my Tuesday paradigm: I love to travel. Any chance I get to go somewhere, luxurious or nail-biting, I take it. I never regret it. Each new place I see and individual story I hear adds thread to this beautiful tapestry of human existence. The stories come together and strike chords in my own heart, harmonizing with my own experiences.

I have friends who don’t love to travel. Or, “travel” for them means “vacation”: always white sandy beaches, fruit punch in hand. That’s just fine. I enjoy white sandy beaches too. I accept their choices to stay at home or to recover familiar ground. I see the pleasure in predictability and familiarity. It’s just not for me.

Some of these people, I have noticed, like to tell you what not to do, where not to go. I forgive them, because they speak from ignorance. I find this mildly amusing, but mostly, sad. Particularly regarding our upcoming trip to Uganda. Everyone who has been there says, “You will love it! It is amazing! I wish I could go with you!” Only from people who have never been (and who have not been many far-reaching places) do I hear, “it’s dangerous there,” “why are you doing that?” and flat out, “don’t go.”

Why would I listen to the voices speaking from darkness? On what authority do they speak? The media? Gossip? Stories they make up in their own heads?

Because of these voices, I am all the more motivated. Perhaps my story will help instill courage in one more person, in one more pair of eyes that would be willing to view the world without hostility. Everywhere is someone’s home. Rash I am not, but I’d like to think I’m adventurous. Promoting peace takes courage and humility, all three are things I hope to increase. Sign me up.

About wordlytraveler

I am a simply a girl with a head full of ideas. I love reading blogs. I love traveling. Cooking. The beach. Stuff Kids say. Speech Therapy. Running. Yoga. God. DIY Projects. Painting. Books, especially children's books. You will find all of this and more on my blog. I hope to write every week, at least September-May. I welcome your feedback. Thanks for reading!
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