Falling into Fall

Well, here in sunny ol’ southern California, it takes a while for the weather to catch up to the seasons. For example, if you expect to visit the beach in June without wearing jeans, think again. Or if you wanted to crank up the oven for a nice chicken and dumplings come September 21st, expect to sweat. I say our seasons are a quarter off: July-September = Summer, October-December = Fall, January-March = Winter, April-June = Spring.

This past weekend, mid-October, was the first weekend to feel like fall (after two weeks of nearly 100 degree heat). It was cloudy and drizzly. The air smelled fresh. We saw our friends and drank spiced apple cider and sat inside playing board games. We were so cozy I could hardly stand it.

Also, the crafting bug seized me. I spent nearly the entire day on Friday planning out what to cut, fold, glue and paste. My craft style hasn’t changed much since the 2nd grade: the messier, the stickier, the cheaper, the better. After several hours of searching pinterest, google, and martha stewart living, I finally settled on what would become our gallery wall (and a fall wreath. More on that later). Today I will talk about the gallery wall. (Of note: this post has inspired me to photograph my next projects, as I have none of my own photos here. Except for the final product of the gallery wall. So photos are something you have to look forward to in the future). Of masterpieces like the one above.

The gallery wall stemmed from three things: 1) we have basically no storage space, 2) I love seasonal decorations, and 3) we have a large blank wall.

First I purchased the frames. Most people collect frames over a long period of time, choosing frames that say “me” or “friendship” or “my first skydiving trip.” Not I. I ran straight to home goods and bought up the place: 7 frames that I liked. I didn’t look for much harmony (maybe a few aisles were blocked as I attempted to lay out the proper design), but I definitely disregarded all that advice that in order to have continuity you should choose frames of the same material or color. No way. I chose what I liked. However, I did watch a few youtube videos on how to balance a gallery wall (link to theglitterguide.com, which provides a pretty thorough how-to), which I may or may not have heeded.It was my first try. I’m sure it will improve with time/practice.

Also, I didn’t check the back of the frames to see if they could be mounted on a wall. Not until after I purchased them, at least. Details. I figured with a little ingenuity, anything can be attached to the wall (except plates. Those take special hangers and finesse, I’ve found). So indeed, I needed to glue some wall hanging hardware to the back of several of the frames. These thingys (which I just learned are called saw-tooth hangers):

Yes, they did the trick. Except two of them didn’t hold the first time. Then the saw-tooth hangers, super glue, and my husband’s quick thinking did the trick.

Then I spent some time gathering cute Halloween silhouettes (which meant I had to learn how to spell ‘silhouette’). Since Halloween is around the corner, this will of course be the first installation of the seasonal gallery. Did I explain the concept yet? We hang the frames, then switch out the art for every season. This is great for storage because art is flat. It’s also fun to do, and looks cool. And helps someone like me who wants to redecorate several times a year.

In fact, this project is so fun to do, even my husband got into it (and trust me, although he’s artistic, he isn’t exactly into arts and crafts. Thankfully). So he and I worked together to draw the silhouettes.

We used an apple to stamp a pumpkin, a witch’s hat, Frankenstein (who I nicknamed Frankie),a black cat, a spider, monster eyes and a ghost made from gauze.

The final product turned out like this:

I would have liked the pictures to hang closer to each other, but it’s difficult to satisfy two creative geniuses at once. Sorry that the photo so small. But we like the gallery. It fills our wall and displays our creative talents attempts. Who knows, when we have kids we may even let them add their own pieces!

Any ideas for what the Thanksgiving art should be? Or the seasons to come?

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I am a simply a girl with a head full of ideas. I love reading blogs. I love traveling. Cooking. The beach. Stuff Kids say. Speech Therapy. Running. Yoga. God. DIY Projects. Painting. Books, especially children's books. You will find all of this and more on my blog. I hope to write every week, at least September-May. I welcome your feedback. Thanks for reading!
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One Response to Falling into Fall

  1. LInda Hollingworth says:

    I loved this! Thank you for sharing it, and it is neat you can do so much with the frames– you could even keep the seasonal artwork all in the frame at the same time, so you never lose it. I think the whole idea is creative genious! Love you!! ❤

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