Whenever I’m alone with you

Hey you. Still there? I’m sorry I’ve ignored you. It wasn’t intentional. You see, living life, and writing about living life, will always be at odds with one another. I hope you understand, keeper of my thoughts.

I make few promises. I don’t make resolutions. But I do keep my word. So here is what I say, and you can hold me to it: I will now write a minimum of once a week. I will warn you if I am going to be away again. And I will always come back. I don’t forget you, ever.

So first there was Christmas, and then New Years, which were both eventful and momentous with a lot of important things that happened. I could talk about those things. Instead, let’s talk about what’s on my mind today: The Sing Off, and bed bath & beyond.

If you haven’t seen The Sing Off, and you are breathing, and you aren’t one of those people who walks around pissed off at life, then this show is for you. I feel like it’s a first date question in show form. “Do you like music?” Do I like music? Do I eat food? This show brings together the nation’s best a cappella groups (WAIT, hear me out), and they sing hit songs, using their voices alone to mix the background instrumentals and singers. And they are PHENOMENAL. Whether you are saying, “aca-what?” or you sang in your church choir before you learned to talk, you will find something you love on this show. Maybe it’s Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, or Creep by Radiohead, or country or hip hop, it’s all here. I don’t even need to sell this show, you just have to see it.

Second, my fiance and I took a herculean trip through bed bath and beyond today. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a girlie girl: things like frilly pillows and lace curtains excite me. But even utilitarian women, I think, have a soft spot in their heart for bed bath and beyond. It takes modern commercialism and brings it right to the nesting instinct in females. It does for women what Disneyland does for children. Men, on the other hand… I think they see clutter. I don’t think they get bed bath and beyond. Here were some conversations we overheard today:

Man 1 – “Was this what you were talking about?” pointing to cheese grater

Woman 1 – “No” with the you-have-no-idea-what-I-was-talking-about tone in her voice.

Man 2 – “What about this picture here?”

Woman 2 – “Well, I wasn’t really going for floral.”

Man 2, confused – “But, everything we’ve looked at has been flowers…”

The men sound part apologetic, like someone brokenly attempting to speak a foreign language, and part desperately exhasperated, as if their words convey, “If I say the right thing maybe we will get out of here within the next 30 seconds!”

It was quite funny, really. Girls, maybe next time you go to bed bath and beyond, you should go alone.

About wordlytraveler

I am a simply a girl with a head full of ideas. I love reading blogs. I love traveling. Cooking. The beach. Stuff Kids say. Speech Therapy. Running. Yoga. God. DIY Projects. Painting. Books, especially children's books. You will find all of this and more on my blog. I hope to write every week, at least September-May. I welcome your feedback. Thanks for reading!
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