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Color palette: yellow and grey

I have been perusing blogs, posts, and pins for a while. I thought maybe it was a secret, but I’m going to let the cat outta the bag: yellow and grey are in. In like flynn, whatever that means. And … Continue reading

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Shout out: Picnik!

I LOVE PICNIK! My sister recently introduced me to a website that practically changed my life. It may change yours as well. It is called picnik. This website is free, and offers you all of the cool effects you see … Continue reading

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So. Much. Food.

the amount of food I ate this weekend is staggering. let me see if I can even recount the highlights: 1) stuffing: why do we eat this only once a year? 2) spinach artichoke dip: creamy, just enough spinach, artichoke, … Continue reading

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You only get one

Tomorrow we give thanks. Sometimes, we forget to be thankful for the difficult things. We forget to be thankful for the exercise that brings us pain, but also a healthy body. We forget to give thanks for the arguments we … Continue reading

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When you travel, you hear this phrase thrown about often: “I’m an ex-pat.” I started wondering, what does that mean? Who is an expatriate? What is the difference between being an ex-pat and being an immigrant? So I went to trusty wikipedia … Continue reading

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Apples and Oranges

For the month of November I have been teaching my preschoolers about foods. This week, we focused on fruits. Fruits are pretty familiar. Even most of my students can say “apple” and “banana”. So I made a little game where they … Continue reading

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It’s a love story…

A little bit about my personal life: my boyfriend proposed this weekend! I apologize for letting you in on the secret. But let me see if I can write it accurately. You may have learned how much I love to … Continue reading

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