Sailing Thailand?

I came across yacht charters in Thailand. I have been daydreaming about traveling to Thailand. Anyway, read this:

Day 1:
Leave Ao Yon 10.00 hrs, sail to Phi Phi island, anchor at Tonsai Bay, snorkel and admire the scenery. Dinner can be ashore if desired.

Day 2:food of Thailand
Sail to Ko Lanta, enjoy the beaches, relax, snorkel, paddle etc. dinner ashore or on board.

Day 3:
Sail to Ko Rok Nok, Thailand’s smallest National park and breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy the gorgeous beaches and the excellent snorkelling which this pair of uninhabited islands has to offer. You can circumnavigate them by kayak in a couple of hours.

Day 4:
Sail to Ko Muk. Explore the Emerald Cave and the fabulous hong (Thailand’s largest) by kayak. Ko Muk’s craggy rocky shore is also great for exploring by kayak.

Day 5:
If the tide allows, we make the passage between the two Ko Lanta’s. If not, sail around the west side, anchor at the entrance of the creek and explore the mangrove creeks by kayak. Beach barbecue in the evening.

Ok, I’m sorry, I’ve never been to South East Asia. Maybe it’s nothing like South America. But… from my experience, this sounds too good to be true. Words like “craggy rocky shore” are code for “risk your life to see some fish”, and “if the tide allows” actually means “enormous wind and rip-currents will threaten to capsize our boat, but we’re gonna go for it anyway.” The pictures they post –

Seriously? That is going to deliver me safely from one Thai harbor to another? I suppose I don’t know anything about sailing. And the food pictured above? How are we going to prepare that, exactly?

Lastly, do you want to guess how much this 3-6 day jaunt will cost you? About $20. No joke. I feel like someone is definitely trying to pull one here.

Question: Have any of you ever done this? Can you give me realistic feedback before I find myself knee-deep in azul waters attempting to push a rickety wooden kayak into the sea for my “cruise”?

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